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Suzanne C.:

I Managed to Make my Husband Quit Drinking in 2 Weeks... And I Did It All Alone!

I want to share my experience and help women whose husbands have problems with alcohol, women who still haven't lost hope of freeing them from this devastating addiction. My dear friends, don't give up on them just yet. Rescue is at hand!

This is my story

I married Peter three years ago. He was 40 back then, and I was 28. He was divorced. It was my first marriage. Even before we married, I knew he liked to drink. In fact, it was the reason why his first marriage fell apart. But he swore, before me and God, that he would not lose control again. And I trusted him.

And in our first year, he really only drank occasionally – at birthday parties, going out every now and then for a beer with friends. Generally, it wasn't bad. I wanted to have a baby. I was already thinking about it before the wedding, but I decided that I would wait until we get married.

At first Peter only drank occasionally – at birthday parties, going out every now and then for a beer with friends.

Unfortunately, as time went by, he drank more and more often. He always came up with new excuses to do it, and he kept making new "friends", who were nothing more than drinking buddies. That was when our first arguments started. They had no effect at all but making me even more anxious about him.

Now I understand that alcoholism is a disease that NEEDS TO BE TREATED just like other diseases – with appropriate medication. Back then, however, I thought I could help my husband by persuasion, crying, yelling. He swore he would never drink again, but less than a week later he completely went back on it. Once a month he got completely trashed. He started having trouble at work. I was afraid we would never have a baby…

Peter was drinking more and more often, and he was more often drunk than sober

I tried almost everything to help him

I persuaded him to visit a doctor, who prescribed some pills, but I found them in the trash a couple of days later. Then my mother advised me to contact a reputable specialist who treats alcoholism through hypnosis and acupuncture. Moreover, she even gave me money, because this treatment was rather expensive.

I accompanied Peter to treatment sessions for a whole week. After the entire therapy was over, he managed to stay sober for almost two months. I started thinking about having a baby again. But then Peter started drinking again, even more than before. And then, when my husband hit me for the first time, I realized that he was an alcoholic.

After he hit me for the first time, I realized that my husband is an alcoholic

What you SHOULD NOT do!

Rather than doing everything to help him OVERCOME his problem, I started drinking with him. I made the same mistake many women do. They come to terms with the fact that they cannot force their husband to stop drinking and they think that the best way out is to allow their husband to drink at home – so to speak – under supervision. But a man needs his drinking buddies. And a woman has no other choice than to take up the role herself.

And would you believe that I liked it at first? He started treating me more respectfully. He would not stay with his friends at the pub as often and he would come home earlier. He was even drinking less than usual during the first month that I started drinking with him. I think he was a bit ashamed to do it in front of me.

However, gradually he overcame this and cranked up his drinking yet again, now daily. He was soon dismissed from his job, so we had to struggle on my librarian income. What good could it do us? For two people – one a budding alcoholic, the other accomplished – it lasted us barely a week. Peter sold his car, but we spent all that money on booze in less than six months.

I had an argument with my mother. It was about a year after I started drinking with my husband. Once, on my way home from the job, I noticed a homeless couple in a park not far from our home, a man and a woman. They were sitting under a tree and drinking – they were filthy, faces swollen, their noses riddled with broken blood vessels.

I had a panic-attack. I noticed a bottle of vodka in the man's hand, and I immediately felt an urge to have a drink, too! With horror I realized that things were shaping up grim. If I didn't stop drinking, along with my husband, we would both end up homeless as well. We already sold the car. Now, it seemed, it was our flat's turn!

There's still a way out!

Trembling, I ran to my mother. We cried a little together and she arranged for an appointment with the toxicologist I mentioned earlier. His therapy, however, did not help me either. I have no clue how my story would've ended if my mother hadn't visited me at one point, when Peter was not home. (Or maybe I do know what would've happened – we would end up living on the bench in some park.) But my mother silently pulled out a box with the name "Alcostopex" on it. She opened it and took out a small bag out of it, tore it open and poured some of the powder inside into a glass of water.

- Drink it! – she ordered.

So I did. It had a neutral taste – it was hard to say what it actually was. This property of the powder really helped me later on!

- You will drink this once a day and make your husband drink it, too, but make sure he doesn't realize it – she said and left.

The same evening Peter came home completely trashed. And I suddenly realized that I do not crave booze!

In the morning I used another packet of Alcostopex, and also secretly poured another one in Peter's water. I put the powder in smaller glasses of water, to make sure he would drink it all. I was serving him Alcostopex once a day – in the morning or in the evening.

Alcostopex worked immediately on me. After three days I could not even smell vodka – I also no longer wanted to drink wine, as well. I told Peter that I have some female problems and the doctor has prescribed me medication, forbidding me to drink any alcohol for 2 weeks. But I told him that I can still sit and talk to him. After a week, I noticed that Alcostopex had started working on him, too. He was drinking less, and after several days, he would not drink even a single shot!!

Next day Peter had an early bird – a shot of gin in the morning. He then ate a bowl of soup and threw up. Same thing happened in the evening!

- "|You should stop drinking!" I told him. "Look, even your body is telling you that it can no longer take it. Or do you want to die?"

Ever since, Peter has not touched booze. And after several days he confessed:

- You know, Suzy, I've probably reached my limit at last. I no longer feel like drinking. I cannot even think about it any longer – it makes me sick!

Anyway, I did not stop giving him Alcostopex for another two weeks (my mother brought me even more of it, when she noticed how well it works).

Peter became quite different when he stopped drinking. Especially in terms of his attitude. He started caring about what's going on around him! It was probably a coincidence but on the same day I gave him the last package of Alcostopex they hired him to work for big international company. And on Saturday we decided to celebrate it with a walk in the park and a movie.

My husband changed when he stopped drinking

It is six months since Peter has stopped drinking. COMPLETELY. He doesn't even drink at birthday parties or other events, and neither does he do it on regular days. HE DOESN'T DRINK AT ALL. His look changed, too. His face is no longer puffy and he does not have that dull look in his eyes. Simply said – he is now a man in his prime!

This summer we went for a holiday abroad, where I announced two things. The first was that I was pregnant. And the second was that I'd used Alcostopex. Then we proceeded to enjoy a great holiday!

So, dear ladies. You have a chance to save your partner! All you need is a bit of womanly cunning and of course Alcostopex. By the way, the product is a result of cutting-edge research in the field of medicine. The product only contains natural ingredients, and can be used by people suffering from diabetes, stomach ulcers or other diseases. So there are no serious contraindications. You can order the product at the official website. Your biggest reward will be the gratitude of your husband, his attractive look and your family happiness!

Best regards, Suzanne C.


Expert opinion

Dr. Ben Woods, a drug addiction recovery expert with more than 20 years of experience, talks about Alcostopex.

Alcostopex is truly a result of cutting-edge research in the field of pharmaceutics. Clinical tests have proven its high efficiency (96% positive results, of which 77% represent complete abstinence – after a single month of application). The product contains exclusively natural ingredients. There are no known contraindications. Based on my own clnical experience I can say that "Alcostopex" has a broad a range of positive properties that make it a unique product:

1. It combines all three stages of alcohol addiction recovery, i.e.:
– it efficiently helps to eliminate toxins from the body which are formed by the consumption of alcohol, and alleviates alcoholic psychosis helping people to overcome alcohol addiction;
– efficiently eliminates alcohol cravings;
– also works as supportive therapy: improves heart and liver function – i.e. organs most significantly affected by alcohol consumption.

2. Unlike chemical-based medicaments, "Alcostopex" only contains natural ingredients and has no side effects . Overdosing is almost impossible. And unlike hypnotherapy, it has no negative influence on human psyche. After all, there are recorded cases of suicide after hypnosis treatment!

3. "Alcostopex" works universally. It achieves the same results in both men and women. As it is known, hypnotherapy is less efficient in women than in men.

4. "Alcostopex" can be used at home, as well.


  1. Phillip Barton |

    I heard about "Alcostopex" from my godfather. His son-in-law is head of a hospital department for drug addiction treatment. I stopped drinking after a month! I swear! I have no clue why there are no ads for this product. It seems that it has been available for more than six months now! Perhaps someone doesn't want people to know about it?!

  1. Joffrey |

    Actually, this is no secret. People will drink less, therefore government will earn less money on income tax, and alcohol manufacturers and sellers would also have lower income! Naturally, this product isn't advertised as much as it should be. I also learned about «Alcostopex» only by accident. It works perfectly. I have tried hypnotherapy before – not only did it not help, but I even started hallucinating afterwards. And with this, you just take it according to instructions. And my alcohol cravings DISAPPEARED.

  1. Alexis |

    I have ordered it for my husband! Hopefully it helps, I am getting desperate!

  1. Sylvia N. |

    Don't be desperate Alexis! It will definitely work. I have used "Alcostopex" to treat my own husband's drinking problem. And before I tried pretty much everything and nothing worked. But "Alcostopex" did!

  1. Jamie |

    I found out about «Alcostopex» from a psychologist friend of mine. I bought it and have no regrets. I didn't have a drop of alcohol for over a month. I am feeling awesome!

  1. Tasha M. |

    "Alcostopex" saved me. I was getting drunk every single day. Not even my husband's threats would work: that he would kick me out of the house, that he would take our child. Thanks god, my husband came across Suzanne's article and managed to buy "Alcostopex". Only just now do I realize that I was standing on the edge of a pit! Thanks a lot, Suzanne!

  1. Jim |

    Truly a great product, even though there are no ads anywhere. I swear they don't want people to be sober! Many thanks, Suzanne. Two of my friends got out of trouble thanks to Alcostopex.

  1. Michael |

    If you want to put a definite end to drinking, I advise you to use "Alcostopex". I have tried hypnotherapy and rehabs twice before. After the second tiem I got into such a deep depression that I was actually considering jumping out of the window.

  1. Matt |

    Thanks to my wife and "Alcostopex" I quickly recovered from alcohol addiction and haven't had a drop to drink ever since. At first I had cravings but not as bad as before. And when they grew too strong I took "Alcostopex". The cravings disappeared immediately afterwards. And after a month they stopped for good.

  1. Holly |

    I am now helping my son with "Alcostopex". I am very satisfied. To all who want to use this product – as soon as your loved one feels the urge to drink, give them "Alcostopex". The urge disappears immediately afterwards. At first you will have to use it often. But later on, the cravings become rarer and rarer. And eventually they disappear

  1. Laura |

    Thanks for your advice, Holly. And of course, thanks to you Suzanne, too. The cravings really suddenly disappeared. It makes you stop drinking pretty much immediately. And when it comes to price – just consider how much you would have paid for all the alcohol – needless to say, all the useless other methods for curbing the addiction.

  1. Victor |

    Awesome! I did it! I am really happy! I haven't had a drink in a month now! I HAVE RECOVERED ALL BY MYSELF.

  1. Alexander |

    I have been drinking for 15 years and I stopped in 3 weeks. This product really works! Thanks, Suzy!

  1. Bobby K |

    Thanks Suzanne, I picked up the package at the post office yesterday – everything went OK. I will let you know as soon as I notice results

  1. Joseph |

    My friend lives in Poland and he says that Alcostopex is VERY popular there.. Everyone is bonkers about it..